Analysis of Freedom Degree of Welding Modifier TINE:2019-03-18 22:23 Edit:admin
Welding equipment is widely used. Do you know how welding positioner works? What is the degree of freedom of the welding positioner? Let's analyze the degree of freedom of the positioner.
Principal Degree of Freedom of Welding Positioning Machine
The main degree of freedom of welding positioner mainly refers to a full rotation and a half rotation. Generally speaking, as long as these two requirements are met, the welding positioner can meet almost all the welding requirements. And this kind of positioner, we can call it the full-function positioner.
Degree of freedom of welding positioner
The degree of freedom of welding positioner is to satisfy most welding requirements through a degree of freedom of rotation. Or, some degree of freedom in welding positioner is irrelevant to welding. Therefore, there are a variety of station changes, or combination of multi-degree-of-freedom, to meet different requirements.
For the freedom of welding positioner, there are two main forms, each of which has different functional characteristics. It plays an important role in welding operation. Therefore, the application scope of welding positioner is expanding.