Development of Welded Roller Frame in Machine Tool Industry TINE:2019-03-18 22:25 Edit:admin
The development of welding roller frame in machine tool industry is developed with the application and development of welding structure of machine tool products. The leading products of China's machine tool industry are mainly metal cutting machine tools, forging and pressing machinery products, foundry machinery products, woodworking machine tools products, tool products, abrasives and machine accessories products. Among them, metal cutting machine tools, forging machinery and casting and welding roller rack products are the main application fields of positioner in machine tool industry.
Welding Roller Frame
Welding roller frame has gradually developed into the leading technology of machine tool industry, which is mainly embodied in the following aspects:
(1) Some key enterprises have established welding workshops or metal structure factories with a certain scale, and established a complete welding management system. It has absorbed and digested the welding technology standards of imported products, carried out the national professional standards and formulated the enterprise standards.
(2) The welding process has been improved from a single processing technology to a set of new comprehensive engineering technologies, such as raw material pretreatment, cutting blanking, forming, welding, post-weld detection and post-weld treatment.
(3) CNC precision cutting and computer programming nesting technology have been applied, and the traditional manual cutting blanking has been changed, reducing the mechanical processing.
(4) The new technology of VSR has been extended to reduce and homogenize the residual stress of welded structures, reduce the deformation of welded parts and stabilize the accuracy.