Longitudinal seam welding mach
2019-03-18 21:42
Longitudinal seam welding mach
Detailed description
Longitudinal seam automatic welding machine is mainly used for thin plate longitudinal seam welding, using cantilever mechanism, mainly composed of frame, clamping mechanism, water-cooled core shaft, liner, axle end bracket, walking trolley, cross slide, wire feeding mechanism, gun clamping device, etc. The clamping mechanism expands the balloon on the keyboard by compressed air, and produces a maximum linear pressure of 25kg/cm at the end of the keyboard. The spacing between the left and right fingers can be adjusted to adapt to different weld width. The mandrel is designed with different diameter according to the length of the cylinder weld to ensure a certain stiffness. The core shaft water-cooled liner is close to the workpiece, and the liner is provided with grooves. The grooves are evenly distributed to protect the air holes, so as to ensure the formation and cooling of the back of the weld. The vertical height of the mandrel can be adjusted to suit the welding of different plate thicknesses. A walking car is installed on the upper part of the frame cross beam. The car moves in a straight line on the cross beam through the guide rail and the driving mechanism, and the speed is adjusted by frequency conversion.

Main technical parameters

Specification type
Suitable length of workpiece(mm)
Minimum Cylinder Diameter (mm)
Suitable thickness of workpiece plate(mm)
welding speed (mm/min)
Speed regulation mode
frequency control
Workpiece clamping method
Pneumatic keyboard clamping
Walking accuracy(mm)

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