Brief Analysis of Technical Conditions for Welding Operators TINE:2019-03-18 22:20 Edit:admin
Welding operators need to meet the technical conditions, first of all, in actual use, we must pay attention to the need to achieve different conditions when we use different driving forms. In this way, we can fully ensure that there are no too many problems in the use of welding operators, but when we use driving, we should talk about it. To sum up, then the work of the equipment can be carried out normally.
Next, when we use the welding machine, we must pay attention to the welding quality of all parts. In order to ensure the effect of welding, we must pay attention to the treatment of this problem. Only when the welding between parts is done well, there will be no failure in the use of the welding machine. Be careful.
Welding roller frame, welding manipulator, welding positioner
The third technical requirement that the welding machine should satisfy is to pay attention to the center of gravity of the equipment when it is being welded. In terms of this parameter, it is bound to affect the effect of working hours, and in order to ensure that the equipment will not have problems in operation, we must pay attention to the specifications in this regard. And there won't be any problems.
After that, the operation of the welding operator also needs attention. Every working day, we must pay attention to cleaning the dirt of the machine tool and the guide rail. At this time, we can make the bed keep clean while closing the gas source. At the same time, we should also pay attention to removing the residual gas on the exhaust pipe.
In the maintenance of welding machine, attention should also be paid to observe whether there is any lubricating oil on the surface of the transverse and longitudinal guide rails and racks of the machine, so as to maintain good lubrication. Weekly care and maintenance should also be carried out to check the cutting torch pine on the welding machine, and then to speak, should also pay attention to cleaning up the ignition of garbage, so that ignition remains normal.